Terms and Conditions for Members

Note that if you have a written agreement with Quarter ehf. for long-term access to one of our dedicated offices, that agreement takes precedence and these terms do not apply.

In the following terms, "we" refers to Quarter ehf. (ID number 511114-1870) and its employees and officers, and "you" refers to you, the purchaser of one of our subscriptions, week passes, or vouchers. The term "member" refers to any other users of our services.

We undertake to provide a comfortable, clean, productive space to work, with fast WiFi and plenty of electrical outlets, as well as bathroom and cafeteria facilities, inclusive of coffee, milk for the coffee, water and soda water from a water machine, as well as access to an honor shop (paid for through purchase of vouchers).

We also undertake to organize events from time to time, some internal to members of Quarter (typically once a month or so) and others where we invite members of the larger SaaS community in Iceland (typically once every 2-4 months). However there is no guarantee that such events will take place during your membership.

By purchasing a membership or week pass or voucher products, you agree to:

  1. A: Treat our space kindly. Tidy up after yourself, and don't cause damage. There's a lady who comes in 5x a week to tidy up (and clean 2 of those times) but she is not your mother and she doesn't have all the time in the world to tidy up our messes.
  2. B: Maintain a calm, productive atmosphere. We will not tolerate any source of unwanted interruption for our members.
  3. C: Have fun and participate! There's no obligation here, but we'd love if you share your knowledge with others over the watercooler or in more structured ways. Let us know (info@quarter.is) if you'd like to participate in or organize internal or external events or discussions.
  4. D: Keep our space secure. Make sure to close the entry door to our space on the 4th floor when you leave, and that exterior doors close fully, especially if you are leaving after hours. Windows should be closed at the end of the day.
Finally, we must ask you to respect our zero-tolerance policy towards any type of violence, physical or verbal, occurring in or around our space.

All sales are final, with four exceptions:

  1. a) If you meant to cancel a subscription but forgot to do so, we are happy to refund your renewal if, and only if, you email to inform us of your wishes within 24 hours of when you received email confirmation of your renewal payment. Our email address is info@quarter.is
  2. b) If you are in breach of any of our terms and conditions, or for any other reason at our discretion, we may at any time deny you further services and access. In most cases, we will issue you a pro-rata refund of any purchase if this occurs. However, no refund will apply if you have caused damage to our property or any other members' property.
  3. c) Should we at any time not live up to our service promise, we will at our sole discretion make things right with you by way of extending or increasing the service you receive, or issuing you a full or partial refund.
  4. d) If you purchase a membership subscription or week pass without checking with us first, and we don't have capacity, we will refund your purchase.

You may consider any vouchers you purchase to be immediately available to you. We will update our ledger within 5 business days, and will email you no later than the 5th day of each calendar month, with the state of all vouchers remaining (or overdue) as of the end of the last day of the previous calendar month, for as long as you maintain a subscription with us, or for as long as your weekly pass is valid (and in no case fewer times than once after your purchase).

Your drop-in subscription or weekly pass is also immediately available to you, although we reserve the right to take up to 3 business days to email you your 4th-floor entry door access code (we will of course do our very best to send it to you right away). Even without an access code, you may still access the space as soon as you have made your subscription - just knock on the door and show whoever opens for you your confirmation email. The guest WiFi, to get you started, is Quarter GUEST and the password is 12345678

If you have any questions about these policies, feel free to contact us by email at info@quarter.is